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The Leadership Coaching Group

Apr 22, 2019


TLCG is dedicated to helping leaders identify and live by their core values. This is not an easy undertaking, so in order to help you see how others have been successful in this task, Richard will be leading a short series of interviews with leaders who he believes are embodying their core values successfully.

This week, Richard is speaking to restaurateur Blake Thurgood. In his early years, Blake was confronted by an individual that openly questioned his integrity. This shook Blake to the core, so he began a journey to define what integrity means to him and how he might live out integrity to the best of his ability. Listen in to hear his discussion on integrity, principles, and personal growth.

What We Cover:

  • How to develop integrity
  • Developing the principles that guide Blake’s business
  • How mentors are vital to your personal and professional journey

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