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The Leadership Coaching Group

May 27, 2019

Write the book


Today we are talking to the lovely Kelly Notaras, author, book editor and entrepreneur. She started her book editing career right out of college by moving to New York, where she worked in the editorial divisions at Avon Books, HarperCollins, Penguin USA and Hyperion Books. She then relocated to Boulder, CO where she became the VP, Associate Publisher at spirituality publisher Sounds True.


We talk about why writing a book is so challenging, what type of help a person needs to successfully complete a book, and how to overcome the resistance you feel to getting it done. This is an inspirational listen for anyone at any point in their leadership career.


What We Cover:

  • What are the wrong questions we ask when considering if we should write a book
  • How do you address resistance to writing or sharing your expertise with the world
  • What are the benefits to writing a book for someone who is trying to grow their business


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