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The Leadership Coaching Group

Jul 26, 2017

We, as The Leadership Coaching Group, are ecstatic to introduce our podcast! We are proud and excited to develop a relationship with you. Executive Coach Liz Roney is your host, and there is no doubt she is ready to share her knowledge with both new and seasoned leaders.


Today’s show focuses on defining your leadership philosophy. We believe a solid leadership philosophy is the foundation for every leader. Focusing on identifying your core beliefs determines the way you will lead in any capacity.


Here are some thinking points from today’s episode:


  • Leadership is not job-specific.
  • Having a good leadership philosophy guides decisions.
  • Your mission statement will be very personal to you, and your core values.
  • Articulating your ‘why’ is crucially important.


Again, we are excited to start this podcast, and as we continue to roll out episodes each week, we will reveal lessons learned from common leadership challenges. If you liked what you heard today, join us next time. We also want to connect with you. Leave us a comment in the review section, email Liz directly at, or follow her on twitter, @liz_tlcg.

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