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The Leadership Coaching Group

Oct 22, 2018


Managing money is vital for business leadership and self-leadership. People are often uncomfortable talking about money but as we see an extreme increase in school loans and general debt suffocating many millennials, it’s more apparent than ever that we cannot ignore the topic.

Today’s guest is financial management expert, Darryl Lyons. Darryl makes the topic of money very approachable because he understands how complex the conversation is. He grew up with the financial struggle of his father losing his job, selling their home, and having to do with very little in his early years. Since then, he has grown a very successful financial management firm, authored several books, and fulfills his life mission of helping the middle class live optimistically and financially securely into their sunset years.

What we cover:

  • Why fear is an ineffective motivator for wealth management
  • How some people seem to thrive financially regardless of where they are while others seem to be stuck no matter the opportunities that are presented to them
  • Money challenges unique to the middle class


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