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The Leadership Coaching Group

Dec 21, 2020

Can leaders actually make innovation happen? Listen as Liz and her guest Jeff DeGraff talk about this and the six skills that empower innovation. Jeff is both an advisor to Fortune 500 Companies and a professor at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. He is an author several times over and just released his new book The Creative Mindset; he also has a regular segment on the Next Idea's public radio. Listen in and see if you can learn some creativity skills on this episode of The Leadership Coaching Group.

Jeff shares how working with Domino's Pizza gave him the start to where he is today. Jeff discusses the one thing about creativity; he thinks every business owner should know his definition of creativity and where creativity lives. He believes that if you diversify the gene pool, meaning to talk to people outside of the business, you are in, they will usually be able to give you insights that will help you. Jeff also shares his one piece of advice for new leaders.

In This Episode

  • [01:03] Welcome to the show, Jeff!
  • [01:22] Jeff shares his background and how he got into the field he is in today.
  • [02:27] Jeff discusses the thing about creativity every business owner needs to know.
  • [03:50] Jeff gives his definition of creativity.
  • [04:22] Where does creativity live? Is everyone creative?
  • [07:13] Jeff talks about diversifying the gene pool.
  • [10:04] Being creative comes from the inside, not what you look like on the outside.
  • [12:46] Jeff believes that talking to people from the outside can create points of departure.
  • [13:19] See one, do one, teach one is Jeff's one piece of advice for new leaders.
  • [14:12] Thank you for being on the show!

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