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The Leadership Coaching Group

Sep 14, 2020

Do you have a CEO mindset? Listen as Liz and her guest, Mariana Ruiz, discuss the five tangible levels of impact that you can have on your business and how to apply it so you can be an effective leader without fear; listen in to hear more about the CEO mindset on this episode of The Leadership Coaching Group podcast.

Mariana shares her journey from bedside nursing to an entrepreneur, what a regular day looks like, and how many hours a week she works on her business. Mariana discusses how to change your mindset to think like a CEO and the things she finds that hold people back and keeps them from taking the leap.

Listen, as Mariana explains her five levels of impact, how she gets her clients to drill down on the levels they need to work on, and how she streamlined her business so she could be a parent to her two children. She also speaks about how hard it was at first to step back and let her do what she hired them to do.

Mariana tells us about the SEO system she built and the one thing she would tell someone in a new leadership role. If you would like to hear more from Mariana, listen to her podcast Impact Driven Entrepreneur and hear more insight from this inspiring female entrepreneur.

In This Episode

  • [00:52] Mariana, welcome to the show!
  • [01:09] Mariana shares what she does to help coaches add six and seven-figure revenues into their business.
  • [01:34] She shares the journey from being a nurse to the coach she is now.
  • [04:36] Listen as Mariana shares what a day in the life looks like for her.
  • [06:15] How many hours a week do you work on your business?
  • [07:56] Mariana discusses how you can change your mindset to think like a CEO.
  • [10:07] She shares some other ways to change your mindset.
  • [11:45] Mariana speaks about some things she has seen hold people back from the mindset of a CEO.
  • [13:21] Mariana discusses the first level of impact and explains it.
  • [14:28] How you are going to impact your clients is level two.
  • [15:41] Level three is about hiring your team and what you can provide for them.
  • [16:25] Philanthropy and giving back to the causes you care about makeup level four.
  • [17:20] Mariana speaks about the invincible impact being level five.
  • [18:45] Mariana shares how she gets her clients to drill down to the impact they need to work on.
  • [20:14] What did you do first to streamline your business to save time?
  • [22:39] Mariana discusses how she could sit back and let her team do what they do best.
  • [24:58] Mariana shares about an SEO system that she built that her team broke.
  • [26:39] Mariana shares the one thing she would tell someone in a new leadership role.
  • [29:55] Mariana speaks about her podcast called the Impact Driven Entrepreneur.
  • [30:32] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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