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The Leadership Coaching Group

Jan 27, 2020

How does leadership change in a real crisis situation?  Simply doing what you have done as a leader, but in a more urgent way, is not the solution.  However, Richard Rieckenberg knows what is. Richard is part of team TLCG and he has been a leader in wartime situations as a submarine officer during the Cold War, as the Mass Care Chief for the American Red Cross during several major U.S. disasters, among other interesting and high stakes leadership roles.  He is going to breakdown what core traits a leader must embody in order to be a successful leader when intense difficulty, danger, or trouble is imminent.  

What We Cover:

  • How decision making has to change in crisis
  • The importance of modeling the behavior that will help the team function best while working through a crisis
  • The importance of being indomitable 

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