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The Leadership Coaching Group

Feb 25, 2019

Richard Rieckenberg takes control of the microphone today as he hosts this episode with Chloe Gallaway. Chloe is is the founder of The Winged River Writer and author of The Soulful Child (Citrine Publishing, Fall 2017), a memoir of her life growing up through age twelve in the wild woodlands of Lindrith, New Mexico. She has studied the finer elements of writing, under the New York Times bestselling author, Jennifer Lauck, for the past seven years. As a mentor and facilitator of the writing process, unlike anyone in the industry, Chloe combines her experience of growing up connected to nature with her training in mindfulness tools and literacy-based writing techniques, to deliver a powerful process of self-transformation and empowerment through writing.  



What we cover:

  • What it means to be “soulful”
  • How to live in a way that is soulful
  • Alternate ways of viewing courage


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