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The Leadership Coaching Group

Nov 28, 2018

Richard, TLCG'S subject matter expert in leadership, considers his experience in leading in a time of crisis, specifically when he worked for the Red Cross.    He explains that the willingness to accept sadness and loss are a hinge of leadership in difficult times and that this hinge can be a way to replenish oneself for the next opportunity.  As you listen, you will hear how he reaches that level of acceptance.

What We Cover:

  • He realizes that the time of efficacy of his assignment has come to an end:  there is nothing else to be accomplished
  • He has to offer closure to those who must be left behind
  • Those who assisted him must now go on to other challenges

    There comes a time to close a project.  As you listen to his story, you pick the leadership lessons that you can glean.  What ideas can you best use to enhance these challenges?  How can you grow as you close something on which you have spent time and energy upon?


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