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The Leadership Coaching Group

Nov 16, 2020

In this episode of The Leadership Coaching Group, Liz is talking with Dr. Nate Regier. Nate specializes in personality diversity, a former practicing psychologist and an expert in social, emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication, and leadership. Listen to what Nate has to say about personality diversity.

Nate shares what the title of his book, Seeing People Through, means, the different types of personalities, and what they really mean. Nate believes there are six predictable clusters of behavior that come from self-sabotaging patterns: overcontrolling, pushing beliefs, making silly mistakes, isolation, manipulation, and blaming.

Listen, as Nate discusses how, as a leader, you can approach a team member that you see exhibiting these types of behaviors and what tank filling is. Nate shares some ways to handle being promoted above your people skills and how to create a safe space for a leader in a negative environment. Nate also speaks about interaction safety, some hindrances to avoid, and one piece of advice for new leaders. 

In This Episode

  • [01:03] Welcome to the show, Nate!
  • [01:17] Nate shares that seeing people through is probably the truest meaning of the word inclusion.
  • [02:18] Nate discusses his background and his journey to where he is now.
  • [04:00] Listen as Nate speaks about what personalities really are and the different types.
  • [06:38] What happens when leaders can see personality types are out of alignment with themselves?
  • [07:57] Nate shares some predictable self-sabotaging behavior patterns that lead to six predictable clusters of behavior.
  • [09:37] Nate discusses ways to self regulate and self manage to see changes that indicate you are in distress.
  • [10:38] As a leader, how do you approach a team member who is derailing and having some of these behaviors?
  • [11:59] Tank filling is the psychological needs for each of the six types.
  • [13:17] Nate shares what you can do when you are promoted above your people skills.
  • [15:31] Nate discusses how to help create a safe space for a leader with good people skills but not as much knowledge of the team.
  • [17:55] One of the biggest hindrances to interaction safety is if you are not curious.
  • [19:06] Nate says that compassion can help bolster interaction safety.
  • [20:36] If you don’t let people know what we are struggling with, you don’t allow them to see you through.
  • [21:37] Why do you think people find it so hard to share their struggles?
  • [23:17] Nate shares one piece of advice for new leaders.
  • [24:01] Thank you for listening!

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