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The Leadership Coaching Group

Oct 26, 2020

Did you know that burnout has been declared an occupational hazard by the World Health Organization? Liz's guest on this episode of The Leadership Coaching Group podcast Eileen McDargh, is an accomplished speaker, author, and resilience expert. Listen as Eileen breaks down some ideas on how you can exist in everything coming at you from your own strongest stance. 

Eileen discusses why she believes burnout is so prevalent right now during the pandemic, what resilience means to her and how to get back into control. The best way to get back into control is to start with physical control by getting enough sleep, exercise, and order in the place you are working.

Listen, as Eileen speaks about how feeling burned out can affect personal relationships, why working in the same environment where we live usually means we don't get breaks. She shares some advice for new leaders. We hope you get a lot from this conversation because it's very important right now to be resilient.

In This Episode

  • [01:13] Welcome to the show, Eileen!
  • [01:33] Eileen shares that W.H.O declared burnout an occupational hazard.
  • [02:08] Eileen defines burnout and why it is happening so often now.
  • [04:41] Build resilience to refuel, recharge, and reclaim what matters.
  • [05:04] Eileen discusses what resilience means to her.
  • [06:37] How can a person close to burnout and get back into control?
  • [08:26] Listen as Eileen shares why a person feels like they can't unplug and still feel like they haven't accomplished enough.
  • [09:32] Eileen speaks about how feeling burned out affects our relationships and the results.
  • [10:35] When we live in the same environment where we work, we get no breaks.
  • [12:03] Listen as Eileen shares some advice for a new leader.
  • [12:33] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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