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The Leadership Coaching Group

Aug 3, 2020

This episode is for the truly high achiever.  For the leader that gets up at 3am or 4am to chip away at your big goals.  For the leader who looks left and right and is aware of the pain, striving, exhaustion, and overwhelm of others, but doesn't consider that they might be victim to all of those same threats.  This is not for someone who sleeps in, talks about "cheat days", or doesn't live to be of use to others and the've already got this stuff mastered.  For that small select group that actually fits the prior description, here's what we are covering:

  • Getting a sense of how burnout might be sneaking up on you
  • Being real about what you need to accomplish right now
  • Exploring what NOT doing certain work does (or doesn't do)to you
  • Taking time and making space for doing very deep thought work and honoring that such work might exhaust you

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