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The Leadership Coaching Group

Nov 12, 2018

The holidays can be a very exciting time of year, but they can also be especially busy and sometimes rather stressful. As a leader, what considerations should you have when balancing your business priorities, your people’s schedules, and yourself? I invited one of TLCG’s most applauded guests back to the show to discuss these very issues. Rocky Romanella worked for many years a high-ranking executive at UPS. He certainly understands the pace of the “peak season” that was the holiday season for the mail delivery company he managed. His compassion and experience help shape this episode into required listening for leaders this time of year.


What We Cover:

  • Encouraging staff to take appropriate amounts of leave before the busiest seasons
  • How leaders influence the outlook of employees
  • Recognizing when employees need extra support this time of year
  • Navigating holiday parties gracefully


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