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The Leadership Coaching Group

Nov 6, 2017

What does it really mean to “Manage Up?” There are a lot of articles out there that talk about the need to manage up when you have a bad boss.  Richard Rieckenberg and I discuss the more nuanced philosophy of managing up and why it is everyone’s duty to properly manage up the leadership chain.  If you are interested in 1:1 coaching with Richard or Liz, email


Here are some thinking points from today’s episode:

  • Do you know how to convince your manager to help when you have an unmet need at work?
  • Managing up is NOT just limited to dealing with bad bosses.
  • Often employees know the answers to problems better than the leader does. Therefore, a leader has to create an environment where their staff will share their suggestions and the team has to be willing to improve their situation.  There is a shared responsibility between everyone in the group.


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