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The Leadership Coaching Group

Jun 24, 2019

Balance two careers


There’s a big trend for people to be simultaneously working 2 careers right now – not just 2 jobs, but 2 careers. But should you be doing this too? I thought I would bring in someone who enjoys two careers and has for quite a long time, my husband Alex. As a research scientist and Marine Corps Reserve officer,...

Jun 17, 2019



There was a recent article in the news that said a public high school in the United States chose to award 9 students the title of valedictorian. This wasn’t because there was a 9-way tie. Instead, they thought they would offer the honor to more students. The only student that actually earned the title of...

Jun 10, 2019

Story from Myanmar


Richard Rieckenberg is TLCG’s subject matter expert on leadership. If you listen to this podcast regularly, you know Richard has had an impressive career from working as a Navy submarine officer during the Cold War to working as The Mass Care Chief for The American Red Cross managing feeding and relief for several...

Jun 3, 2019

Why Leadership is all about change


Managers might exist to maintain a status quo. But does that mean that leadership is about driving constant change? Today’s guest, J. Scott, says yes.  But change isn’t as easy as declaring a need for change by publishing policies and procedures that direct this change. J. says that an organization’s culture...