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The Leadership Coaching Group

Oct 31, 2018

Richard, TLCG’s subject matter expert in leadership, is back to tell another story. You know that Richard had an interesting start to his career working as a nuclear engineer as an officer on a submarine during the Cold War. But how did it all begin? What was a formative experience for him when he was young? Well, in...

Oct 29, 2018

Imagine dedicating your life to achievement simply to escape from your upbringing. Today’s guest, Sandra Crawford Williamson, was in the exact same position. She built massive corporate success working for major international companies and was the front person on the cover or numerous magazines, on the Wall Street...

Oct 24, 2018

In these minisodes, we often ask you to be creative, courageous, or compassionate.

To practice what I preach, I am trying to creatively and courageously help you learn a little bit more about how you can improve your business practices by sharing some of the feedback I ha about mine!

Two weeks ago, I interviewed Jarrod...

Oct 22, 2018


Managing money is vital for business leadership and self-leadership. People are often uncomfortable talking about money but as we see an extreme increase in school loans and general debt suffocating many millennials, it’s more apparent than ever that we cannot ignore the topic.

Today’s guest is financial...

Oct 17, 2018

We are continuing our short miniseries on the fastest ways to lose customers. This week I am exploring why you need to know your ideal client base and how you can unleash your creativity in a very practical way to connect with more people.


What we cover:

  • Why using canned pitches might be ineffective
  • How to get to...