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The Leadership Coaching Group

Oct 31, 2018

Richard, TLCG’s subject matter expert in leadership, is back to tell another story. You know that Richard had an interesting start to his career working as a nuclear engineer as an officer on a submarine during the Cold War. But how did it all begin? What was a formative experience for him when he was young? Well, in this really interesting story, he’s going to share a story from his earliest years with you.

Remember, we want you to take these stories and pick the leadership lessons out of them yourself. We take deep pride in helping to grow thoughtful, moral leaders at TLCG. We expect you to think and get in touch with your own leadership core values. What do you take away from this story?


What we cover:

  • How Richard started a Naval Submarine career from humble roots in a small town in Minnesota
  • What is the most effective outlook to have on life to be a strong leader
  • How to survive if you are the most inexperienced person in a crew
  • Richard’s experience with a submarine hostage situation


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