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The Leadership Coaching Group

Jun 3, 2019

Why Leadership is all about change


Managers might exist to maintain a status quo. But does that mean that leadership is about driving constant change? Today’s guest, J. Scott, says yes.  But change isn’t as easy as declaring a need for change by publishing policies and procedures that direct this change. J. says that an organization’s culture is what really impacts whether or not change can be done successfully. We go on to discuss what scares people about change. It isn’t that change, in and of itself, is scary to people. It’s the impacts that change has on an employee that scares them. Listen in to hear more and learn how to enact change in a way that makes your staff feel safe and helps your company become more successful.


What We Cover:

  • What people are missing when they think about leadership
  • Why leadership and change must be intertwined
  • How to lead change effectively – and it’s not just by publishing policies and procedures


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