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The Leadership Coaching Group

Aug 28, 2017

Fear can have many consequences.  Inaction is one of the more problematic ones that leaders must tackle.  Join The Leadership Coaching Group’s Liz Roney this week as she explores how fear and inaction are linked.


Here are some thinking points from today’s episode:

  • If we are influenced by fear, our decision making skills are scientifically shown to falter.
  • People can really convince themselves that they are busy when they are trying to avoid some big issue that they must handle
  • Both courage and fear increase with practice – which are you exercising more in your business life?


If you are interested in personal coaching, email Liz at  If you just want to stay in touch, follow Liz on Instagram @theleadershipcoachinggroup or on LinkedIn.


Mentioned In This Episode:

Nora Denzel

Gregory Berns

Nicholas Weiler

Michelle McQuaid


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