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The Leadership Coaching Group

Jan 14, 2019

Can a hypnotist really help you grow your business? Jason Linett has hypnotized more than 50,000 people. He used the principles of rapport and modeling to track what top business performers and professional athletes do differently to consistently triple the income of his own business.

As a master of this micro-niche, he speaks to groups around the world and offers hypnotic-success-coaching to share how to put his million-dollar methods to help people "WORK SMART" in their business.

Rather than just 'hypnotize' you to become more successful, he will help you de-hypnotize the misconceptions, fears, doubts, and ineffective strategies that are holding you back. Jason's process isn't magic, but he says that the results can be magical. See what you think in today’s episode!


What we cover:

  • What top performers do that make them able to achieve more than the average person
  • “Made up” barriers that business owners need to overcome
  • The steps anyone can implement immediately to change their thinking



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